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About ME

I’m a numbers girl, and a spreadsheet kinda girl. I’ve always loved puzzles and putting things back together and in perfect order. Before I committed my career to bookkeeping, I have attained 7 years of prior work experience as an ocean export specialist, followed by 7 more years supporting the Detroit FBI as a data analyst in the forfeiture unit, both of which required extreme attention to detail.

I was handling my husband’s books manually for his mental health business for over 5 years (detailed excel items for EVERY transaction). I decided to become Quickbooks Online certified, so that I would have a much more efficient system to help me and other potential clients, which has led to the opening of my own business in January 2023.

Since I thrive on organizing records accurately and precisely, bookkeeping is the right fit for me. I would love to be the perfect fit for your business as well! You can rest assured while I’m working behind the scenes keeping your business finances in check, you can continue growing and focusing on your success.

I primarily manage all transactions entered into Quickbooks Online and ensure income and expense accounts are accurately categorized for tax returns. I offer business owners financial clarity by completing monthly financials, reconciling all accounts, and providing reports regularly. I can also handle clean up work if your books are behind.

I’m friendly and super down to earth. I’m a Midwestern transplant who now resides in Florida. I work virtually from home when I’m not chasing after my toddlers or golden retriever, and am able to assist local businesses in person when needed. I love helping others, so reach out if you’re a small business looking for any bookkeeping assistance. I just might be your go to girl!

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